Recovering lost projects

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Recovering lost projects

Postby Steve Carll » Wed May 24, 2006 4:52 am

We lost a couple of projects from the teamwork server...Our fault. The
projects were deleted from the teamwork server and the files were also
deleted. Our IT group recovered the directories and files for the project
and I copied them back into the teamwork projects directory. When I ran the
teamwork server admin console and hit refresh on the projects tab, the new
projects don't appear. What is the correct procedure for recovering the

Steve Carll
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Re: Recovering lost projects

Postby Donatas Simkunas » Fri May 26, 2006 5:33 am


To recover projects you need do this:
1. Stop teamwork server (this is required).
2. Restore projects directory. ( if you want to restore all teamwork projects)
2a. If you need to restore only some projects while keep others you may need to edit manually projects.xml file in projects directory.

There is brief information about structure of projects.xml file (required only if you want restore not projects):
Each project in projects.xml is in <project> element.
so if you need to recreate only one project add new element in project.xml like this:

                <id>ProjectDirectory</id>                                                       <!--  project id should be the same as recovered project directory name -->
                <name>Project name</name>                               <!--  project name, you can name it as you want -->
                <moduleID>2_9_5_f720368_1110802534809_998440_1</moduleID>  <!-- you can use any number here -->

After this restart teamwork server.

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