Shortcut for code generation / reversing?

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Shortcut for code generation / reversing?

Postby Andrew McVeigh » Mon Jan 29, 2001 5:24 pm


It would be great to have a keyboard shortcut for code generation -- e.g.
ctrl-G, like Rational Rose.

If you selected some classes and pressed ctrl-G, then it could locate all of
the code engineering sets that the selected classes are part of, and use
these sets to generate code. Currently, it is a pain having to find the
right engineering set all the time for a given class.

Andrew McVeigh
London, UK

Andrew McVeigh
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Re: Shortcut for code generation / reversing?

Postby Andrius Strazdauskas » Thu Feb 01, 2001 5:34 am


Thanks for the suggestion, we'll definitely consider it.

Best regards,
Andrius Strazdauskas
Project Leader
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Andrius Strazdauskas
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