Show Documentation (comment) element property compartment

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Show Documentation (comment) element property compartment

Postby rajman » Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:43 pm

I need to display the Documentation element property on directly on class symbols on many diagrams. I.e., the equivalent in the API of right-clicking on a symbol on a diagram, selecting Edit Compartment, and then selecting the Documentation property on the Element Properties tab.

CompartmentManager.showCompartmentElement seems promising but I don't know what object to pass to it as the third argument. I tried:

Comment comment = ModelHelper.getCommentElement(presentationElement.getElement())
CompartmentManager.showCompartmentElement(presentationElement, CompartmentID.ELEMENT_PROPERTIES, comment)

But it doesn't have any effect. Suggestions for the object to pass, or another approach?

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