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Stop file Loading

Postby Gavin Kistner » Mon Mar 06, 2000 11:34 am

My 2MB project takes ~30seconds to open. Occasionally I begin to open the
wrong version, or I start the program with "Load Last Project at Startup"
turned on.

It'd be cool if there were a button similar to 'stop' on web browsers, or a
"loading file" dialog with a 'cancel' button (like Photoshop does when
opening large files).

In fact, Photoshop does it well--any time any operation begins to take
longer than x seconds, a dialog come up with a progress bar, and allowing
you to cancel it. The especially 'rightness' of this, however, is that if
the operation is done in 3-5 seconds, the dialog never shows up. That's

- Gavin

Gavin Kistner
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