Transferring Multiple interrelated DOORS Modules to MD

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Transferring Multiple interrelated DOORS Modules to MD

Postby » Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:04 am

I have two modules in DOORS. Module A represents high level requirements. Module B represents further derivation of those requirements. (Note: A requirement in Module B may be linked to 1 or more requirements in Module A)

When using the data hub to copy and sync these modules to a location in Magic Draw, is there a way to automatically replicate the derived requirement link (i.e. the linkages between the requirements in module A and requirements in module B) ?

I want to avoid manual replication of linkages as it may induce error in the requirements model. I have an attribute in module B that uniquely identifies the related requirements in module A. (i thought that if this changed this may be one way of managing the impact of linkages if they had to be maintained manually)

Is there a solution using the cameo data hub? and if not what may be some alternative approaches for achieving this.
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Re: Transferring Multiple interrelated DOORS Modules to MD

Postby supatp » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:36 pm

Dear matzy812,

DataHub can copy the links into MagicDraw for you too.
Basically, when the importing data contains both source and target of the link, DataHub will automatically bring over the link.

Here's the sample.


I have ModuleA and ModuleB. Requirements links among each other.
When copy the ModuleA, only Module and Requirements will be imported because only one end of the link is available.
Next, when copy the ModuleB, DataHub will let you map the link to MagicDraw relationship.


Here's the result.


ฺBest Regards,
Supat P.
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