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Two suggestions

Postby Raffael Herzog » Wed Jul 24, 2002 9:31 am


I have two suggestions for new features:

1. Named symbol styles. It would be nice, if I could save a
symbol style under a name to be able to reuse it easily
at any time. It would be even greater, if a change to
this style would also change the symbols that use it, but
that's just a nice-to-have. Actually something like "Copy
Style" -> "Apply Style" would be enough already.

2. Todo-lists. Often during modelling, questions arise like
"do we really need this feature or can we handle it as a
special case of that feature?" or "what if...". Now I
need to write them down externally to not forget about
them until the next meeting. It would be more comfortab-
le, if such a todo-list was integrated in MD, before the
next meeting I just print it out. (It should be placed
somewhere where it doesn't take any space from the wor-
king area but is still easily accessible, e.g. a tab in
the browser).



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Re: Two suggestions

Postby Donatas Ugenskas » Thu Jul 25, 2002 9:12 am

MagicDraw usability improvement is our priority area. Your suggestions are
very interesting. I'll add these siggestions to the MagicDraw usability
feature list.

Best regards,
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