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UAF - Software that provides a service

Postby » Wed Nov 13, 2019 7:11 am

I'm currently modeling a DevSecOps project, and have things like "task management", "continuous integration/continuous deployment", and "artifact repository" that I've modeled as ServiceSpecifications, and "Jira", "Jenkins", and "Artifactory" as Software. Where I'm struggling is attempting to connect Software to ServiceSpecifications to show the "software provides service" relationship.

It appears that it's possible to go ResourceInterface to ServiceInterface, or Function to ServiceFunction, and then connecting to ServiceSpecification and Software, respectively.
Neither of those are as elegant as a direct relationship.

I've also considered putting Jira, Jenkins, and Artifactory as ServiceSpecifications, or making the various ServiceSpecifications abstract Software. Neither of those approaches are clean, either.

Does anyone have recommendations regarding a good way to go forward modeling the relationships described?
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