Verb phrases on Entity Relationships

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Verb phrases on Entity Relationships

Postby JaneRoberts » Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:26 am

I've been experimenting with various attributes of the Entity Relation and the Entity Relation Roles to try to get the relationship verb phrases to come out on the default ER report shipped with Cameo Data Modeler and/or get them to show on the diagram, with not much satisfaction so far.
If I put the verb phrase for one direction in the Name, it shows on the diagram but shows up under BOTH entities in the Report. I want to specify that A Product "is the basis for" one or more Agreements and that an Agreement "is based on" one Product. If I put "is basis for" in the Name, the report really can differentiation which direction this should read. My other option is the Role Names. I could appropriate this attribute for the verb phrase and the diagram would look OK. But the report really treats it as a role name printing "Product (as is basis for) " and "Agreement (as is based on)"

I prefer to do this without much abuse of the intended use of the Entity Relationship attributes and definitely without having to rework a lot of the report template. Suggestions?
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Re: Verb phrases on Entity Relationships

Postby saulius_p » Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:25 am

Hello Jane,

As far as modeling goes, verb phrases should be placed into role names (the second approach which you tried).

As far as reporting goes this is a problem of flexibility. It is hard to know in advance what naming convention users will adopt for their projects.
There can be various cases and depending on the case, the different template is necessary to produce the correctly-worded English language sentences during the report.
Please see the attached screenshot for examples of naming conventions


(these are just a few off the top of my head - I am sure there can be even more variants used throughout the world). The current report template is adapted for the first case (noun-style roles). To cover other naming conventions, different slightly-modified report templates have to be used.

You also asked:
Can you tell me how verb phrases are intended to be supported in the tool, or when they will be supported in the tool plus the recommended work around for now?

I will fill in a feature request for an additional report template with verb-style role names. In the mean time, you could edit the report template yourself. The necessary changes are not that large (though editing VTL templates is tricky). You need to locate the section

Code: Select all
#macro(formatERRelationship $attr)

in the report, and edit it as necessary....
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Saulius Pavalkis
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