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importing connector propertes with CSV file

PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:40 pm
I see that "Connector" is a choice for the Target Element. However, it is not clear how to do the mapping. I have a CSV file that contains the Owner of the connector (a block), and the fully qualified names of the two ports that serve as the ends of the connector (see below). I am using fully qualified name because some of the ports have the same name.

I have mapped the "owner" property to the block, and two "end" properties, one for each port. When I do the import, a connector property is created, but the model does not seem to recognize the connection. When I ask it to "display paths" on the corresponding IBD, it says there is nothing to display. I've also noticed that if I draw the connector manually, the role names have a "." in front of the port names, whereas when I do the import, they do not.

Some of the connectors I need to draw are between ports on two part properties in the IBD, and some of them are between a port on the boundary of the IBD (i.e., a port that is owned by the block that corresponds to IBD) and a port on a part property within the IBD. Does that matter when doing the import? I need to do both types of connectors.

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong/how to map the connector properties correctly? Thanks.

My CSV file is setup like this:

EndAPort, EndBPort, OwningBlock
pkg::block1::port1, pkg::block2::port2, block3

Re: importing connector propertes with CSV file

PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:40 pm
Hey cmassa,

I too am trying to import connectors based on a CSV and have gotten nowhere (mainly, I can create invalid connectors that do not have roles assigned for the ends).

I came across the following forum post in which a NoMagic moderator states that connections need to be created by hand

I feel this is something that should be able to be created via a CSV file. Were you able to get it to work? NoMagic, is this a feature that could be added? Specifically, the ability to create connectors between two objects (parts or ports) and have those appear on an IBD?


Re: importing connector propertes with CSV file

PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2017 6:47 am
No, I don't think I ever got this to work.

Re: importing connector propertes with CSV file

PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2017 3:12 am
by supatp
Hello cmassa, Mike,

Sorry for the late on this.
Let me provide the sample of what I did to import the connector.

This is the original model and the data I prepared.


Then I do the properties mapping to the corresponding column.


Here's the result.

Best Regards,
Supat P.

Re: importing connector propertes with CSV file

PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2017 2:07 pm

A colleague and I each tried to duplicate your model/import, but in both cases the import was unsuccessful. MagicDraw returns the following errors for each row of the import:

Row 1: Invalid related element path Block A11::p1
Row 1: Invalid related element path Block A1::p1
Row 1 : cannot find a client and/or a supplier for the relation.

What are we missing? Are there any other options/settings that aren't shown (e.g. "Target Stereotype", "Identifier key for relation ends", etc.)? We are running MagicDraw 18.3 w/SysML plug-in.


Re: importing connector propertes with CSV file

PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2021 9:47 am
The problem here is that the import is referencing the Block::port for connections between Parts. This means if you have two parts of the same Type (Block), then you can't create connections between them.

I thought perhaps a single colon could be used to refer to the type of the part Part:Block::ProxoPort, but that does not work either.

I'm scratching my head here. The Dialog is apparently necessary for cameo to identify the part based the block type, which is not necessarily unique.