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Containment Tree Sorting Method

PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 10:18 am
Containment Tree Sorting Method

What determines the order of elements in the containment tree for elements of the same type? For example, are requirements always sorted alphanumerically by the value of the "ID" field?

Is it possible to change the value that is used to sort? For example, could I add a custom attribute called "Heading Values" to my requirements and have the containment tree ordered based on those? To clarify, I am NOT looking to use the "inner elements" tab of the specification window to manually specify all requirement order, but instead sort them according to the values of an attribute other than "ID".

Also a second question: Can the "element numbering" method be applied to other values? For example, could I use the "element numbering" multi level requirement to number the entries of my "heading values" field?
Looking forward to getting this figured out.