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"Offline" projects are confusing

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:02 am
I have two questions related to the new "offline" project feature in MD v18.4:

1) "Save Project As" allows you to specify a file name and location if you elect to "remove locking and versioning information." However, if you just want to save locally and still be able to commit to server later, you are not given a choice as to where to save the file. Where does MD save this local copy? I can't find it anywhere on my hard drive. Documentation says default location for Windows is "My Documents", but files do not show up there.

2) Why does MD always indicate my project is "Offline" even when I open up a file directly from the server? It seems like if you have ever saved a project locally (offline project), it always opens the offline version no matter what. Then it tells you (if someone else had since committed an update) that an updated version is available on the server, instead of just opening the most recent version by default. Can you explain the process flow for using offline projects, and how my local version stays consistent with the server version? How would I get it to stop indicating I am using an "offline" project? It tells me that even if I select the server (on-line) version.

Thank you.

Re: "Offline" projects are confusing

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:41 am
by jusbis

Thank you for the feedback. This "Offline" functionality with Teamwork Cloud was really confusing in v18.4 so we have updated it in v18.5.
Since MagicDraw has local repository working with TeamworkCloud, all offline projects are stored in this local repo. By default local repository is located at <magicDraw.home>\restricted\ directory (<MagicDraw.home> can be accessed via Help->About->Environment menu).
In the v18.5 we have adjusted "Save Project As" functionality, so it only allows to save project as local file (removes server information), but it does not allow to have another offline project copy, as this might lead to data inconsistency.

The "Offline" word in the toolbar actually means "Available Offline": you will be able to open the project and modify without having connection to the server. "Offline" was renamed to "Available Offline" in v18.5, and this text appears once you hit "Save" (Ctrl+S) button. The "save" action makes 2 things:
* Makes opened project "Available Offline". This project becomes available in "Offline Projects" tab and you can open it without a connection.
* Saves all not-yet-committed changes to local repository. This action allows to save intermediate changes really fast.

So When you have project with label "Available Offline", MagicDraw just opens it from local repo and does not update from the server (basically it shows you the same view as you had it last time). Additionally, you will get notifications about changes on the server if you will be connected to the server.
To remove this "offline" label, you need to go to Project Management dialog, select this project in "Offline Projects" tab and click "Remove". This action will remove offline copy of the project and from now on you will not be able to open it without a connection. But if you hit Save button again it will become "offline" again.

Please let us know if you find this answer useful, or you have additional feedback to share.

Re: "Offline" projects are confusing

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:28 am
Yes, I think I understand how this works now. We will post a follow-up question if anything else comes up. Thanks.

Re: "Offline" projects are confusing

PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:16 pm
I am running into a similar situation with this notion of not being able to both store a local (snapshot) copy of the model from TWC and continue to work the "master" TWC version.

I have a process need of being able to provide locally saved model project snapshots of my model to a remote site that is standing up an identical modeling environment with both CSM and TWC. They need to be able to import these models to read them. I also have a need to be able to maintain the version history of the model that I am developing. I understand that this is entirely removed upon saving ("converting") a TWC project to a local project.

Removing this "concurrent local and remote copy" capability, which was allowed using MagicDraw 18.3 and Teamwork Server and personally used with much success, prevents me from modeling with my remote site counterparts.

Q1: How can I get them their project snapshots without having me to remove my model from TWC and effectively removing its version history? I need to periodically give them model project snapshots for each of our program's technical baselines - one for functional, allocated, and physical baselines.

Q2: If there is no solution here with using version 18.5 of TWC and CSM, would downgrading to Teamwork Server allow me to save and maintain both local and remote copies of my model?

Please let me know as we have baseline delivery of our model soon.


Re: "Offline" projects are confusing

PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 12:49 am
Hello Travis,

It's important here to distinguish the design differences between TWS and TWC.

TWS storage was all file based, therefore the local and offline project versions were all saved as .mdzips. However, in TWC there is no more .mdzip-based storage, hence offline project files are not "sharable" so to say.

However, you can still save a particular revision of TWC project as a local .mdzip file (File->Save Project As...), of course, by removing locking and versioning information. But such removal affects only the local .mdzip project. The server project still remains to exist with all the historical revisions etc. Just make sure to commit your local changes to TWC before saving a server project as a local .mdzip file. This way ensures that you have the same model state in the commited revision and the local .mdzip copy.

Moreover, in 19.0 beta, we allow importing .mdzip project back to a server project it was previously exported from. This was done to cover the disconnected team collaboration use case e.g. when working with multiple contractors. Please see: ... cted+teams

Kind regards,
No Magic Customer Support

Re: "Offline" projects are confusing

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 5:21 am

The page ... cted+teams is not opening. Please provide permission to look at this as it says "•The page exists, but you do not have permission to view it".