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Generating Interface Documents

PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:27 am
by AG_
I want to start generating and managing interface documents. I've been told that there is a generic way to generate a word document, I'm ok with that, and start building up with either the open API or Velocity, but I need a starting point, a template can someone point me to it?

Also interested in generating these interface documents (both ICDs and IDDs), so I'm curious for those who have done it, how did you do it? I was told I need to fill in the properties I need in the model and the script will look for them and start build it, so is somewhat in parallel that I need to build the script and the model. Like I said before, I want to play with it and see how far I can go, in both physical ICDs and the message definitions of an IDD.

Please let me know your experience on this matter, lessons learned.