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Synchronization of InputPins from a Parameter

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 5:01 am
Dear Support-Team,
i have created a method to create and synchronize stereotyped InputPins on a Actions using Parameters. Though i am having a problem with the synchronization of InputPins with the ParameterElement. This is what i do - all of this is done within one SessionManager-Session:

1) At first i create a Input Pin Instance, adding type and stereotype (Works fine)
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inputPinInstance = getElementsFactory().createInputPinInstance());
StereotypesHelper.addStereotype(inputPinInstance, myStereotype);

2) Based on the Input Pin, i then create a parameter. (Works so far)
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parameterInstance = getElementsFactory().createParameterInstance());
StereotypesHelper.addStereotype(parameterInstance, myStereotype); //Note - myStereotype is the same as before

3) I add the parameterInstance to the corresponding FunctionBehavior-Element of the Action

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inputPinInstance.setSynchronizationElement(parameterInstance); //Necessary, as otherwise an additional port on the source action would be created

At first, this result seems to be fine. "functionBehaviorInstance" now owns the correct Parameter and all actions that are specified from it automatically now own an InputPin. The Type and the Name are also synchronized towards the InputPin - except the Stereotype. (see Picture)

How can i force that the Stereotype is also synchronized analogue to the Name and Type?

This picture shows the Specification of the generated InputPin - as you can see, Type is correct while Stereotype is empty

Re: Synchronization of InputPins from a Parameter

PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 4:00 am
Ok - maybe i was a bit to unspecific. I added additional information to the post.
Is there a solution/workaround to force the synchronization of that stereotype?