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Requirements Analysis in Custom Metric

PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 9:14 am
by fahad
I have a custom metric that I have extended from the provided metric types.
Right now I have to do a pass for entire set of requirements to get each metric definition to update; it takes a bit for a large set of requirements.
My question is, if I define them as 'parameterDefinition' instead of metric, can I update these parameterDefinitions while executing a script in a single metric definition?
I know we can retrieve values of Parameters and Metric Definition via 'ValueContext.getValue('name') is there a way to set a value for a parameter this way?

Other way would be to define a metric as a specific object type and update the object programmatically. I cannot figure out where to define that object.

<MetricDefinition> RequirementStatus : reqStatusObject

where should the reqStatusObject be available in the project to be accessible by the metric script?

--- Second Question ----
If I have multiple metrics captured in a metric table i.e different instances of metric; is there an easy way to "recalculate" all the metrics in a table? Currently, one has to select each metric and update manually.