automatic generation of WSDL , XSD files and JAX-WS annotat

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automatic generation of WSDL , XSD files and JAX-WS annotat

Postby Robert.Suzic » Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:33 am


Does Magic Draw supports:
- automatic generation of WSDL and XSD files
- as well as Java skeleton files (with JAX-WS annotations) from SoaML UML diagrams.
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Re: automatic generation of WSDL , XSD files and JAX-WS annotat

Postby TomasJkn » Tue Oct 11, 2011 5:35 am

Hello Robert,

Regarding Java skeletons with JAX-WS implementation:
Unfortunately there is nothing of that kind in the current MagicDraw.

Regarding automatic generation of WSDL and XSD files:
That depends on the meaning of the word "automatic"; see below.
MagicDraw has generation/reverse engineering to/from XSD and WSDL.
However, to be able to generate XSD/WSLD you need to have a specially-stereotyped UML model.
Simple, platform independent UML model will not help.

Now, to get such a model you need to:
- either create it from scratch - using XML Schema and/or WSDL diagrams
- or reverse engineer it from existing schema (so you can do reverse - edit - generate)
- or take existing UML model and apply UML-to-XSD transformation. Please note that this transformation is only a helper. It does a lot of stereotyping work (plus primitive type re-mapping), but not everything. Expect that some manual post-transformation editing/sanitizing would be necessary.

Whether this counts as "automatic" I am not sure - this depends on the workflow you intend to use.
In my book it does not (well, we could call it 50pct automatic :)).

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