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Cannot put model data into codeset

PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:26 pm

I am trying to set up round trip engineering in C++ for one of our subsystems in our model. We are trying to set up the code base using forward engineering into C++ code from our UML. I can successfully create a codeset and point it to a working directory and a working package. However, I cannot move the classes that I plan to generate code from into the codeset from the model. When I attempt to do so, I just get a "progress" wheel, but that is it. When I move the entire package to the codeset, only the system level model elements get moved.

I am also getting an error: "ClassCastException: com.nomagic.magicdraw.ce.cppAnsi.c.c.h cannot be cast to com.nomagic.magicdraw.ce.core.rt.objects.RTProjectObject". I started receiving this error only after my first generation of the system elements described above, so I don't know if this is contributing to the problem, or not.

I cannot send the model as an example. I was wondering if there is a logging feature that I can turn on that lets me know why MD doesn't like what I am doing?


Re: Cannot put model data into codeset

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 3:26 am
by bhoomchai
Dear Troy,

We've failed to reproduce the problem you described. The problem might be caused by some specific structure of the model.
If you can reproduce the problem with a simple model, please provide it to us for further investigation.
Regarding the logging, you can look at md.log file. It can be accessed from the menu Help->About MagicDraw, and the go to Environment tab.

Best regards,
No Magic Customer Support

Re: Cannot put model data into codeset

PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:31 pm
Thanks for your quick response!

I discovered my error that was causing this to happen. I had my code sitting inside a subsystem instead of the package that the subsystem is housed in. When I moved the code outside of the subsystem and into the package at the subsystem level, everything started to work again.

Sorry for the inconvenience,