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C++ Code gen "Reverse before generation" not working correct

PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 1:21 pm
When Generating Code for C++ ANSI, I select the "Reverse Before generation" Option in an attempt to preserve modifications. But each time it regenerates duplicates of the classes and methods so I end of with new sets declared in each file for each re-generation. Is this a bug for C++ code generation (the demo shows it working for Java)? IS there some other option which I need to use?

Also when I add attributes and methods into the code directly, and even with the "Reverse Before Generation" option selected these new attributes get deleted from the code and do not show up in the model.

For instance in the attached test Project the code for class LibraryItem is regenerated each time, thus end up will new declarations each time it is generated. But for the class TestMe is this does not happen. SO seems it has something to do with the property of the class.