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Grouping properties with same stereotype to display in compa

PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 9:39 am
I am defining a DSL to design interfaces.
Each interface can have attributes of 3 types:
- commands
- monitor points
- configuration points
You can see in the attached figure a simplified version of the profile I have been writing.

As you can see in the MyInterface example, all properties appear together in the "attributes" compartment.

I would like to group the three types of properties by their stereotype, in order to be able to display them in three separate compartments: one for each type of interface.

I have tried several strategies, but I could not find a way.
How can this be done?
It must be possible, because it looks to me it is the same thing that is done to create the <<flow properties>> compartment in the SysML profile.
I have tried for example to define a derived property to collect all properties with the same stereotype, but I did not manage to find the right metachain expression.

I attach also the simplified model so you can play with it and try to make appear in MyInterface 3 compartments one with the properties of each of the three stereotypes <<CMD>>, <<Monitor>> and <<Config>>.

Thanks for the help!