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UML Profile for BPMN - Gateway rendering

PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 2:37 pm

I wanted to use the provided BPMN Profile in MagicDraw. I correctly loaded the profile, created a new UML Activity diagram, and started drag and dropping items from the BPMN profile on UML components, like Opaque Actions.
It seems that there might be an interesting situation where the icons for Decisions are not rendered.

For any kind of element stereotyped with BPMN event (like endEvent) in Symbol Properties i can see Show Stereotypes -> Shape Image, which works perfectly.

For any kind of decision element stereotyped with BPMN gateway (gateway or it's subclasses) in Symbol Properties i cannot see the aforementioned Shape Image, only Text, Icon, Text and Icon, and Do not display.


Any idea how to fix this?

I attached an image and an mdzip file as well.