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TWC 18.5 Functionality and Teamwork Server Differences

PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 9:10 pm
I've been starting to evaluate moving from Teamwork Server to Teamwork Cloud. I'm currently working with MagicDraw 18.5 and was hoping to migrate to TWC, then evaluate moving everything to 19.0 at a later stage. I've run into a number of issues with this migration:

1. Firstly exporting my existing projects to the TWC server using the built in MagicDraw option to do so. This didn't recognise and re-link any of my project usages (they all got imported as some type of private import, then I had to go through and manually link them all back to their server projects). It also didn't retain the correct project usage linkages for my branches (it just linked them all to the latest trunk, rather than the branch version the project usage was associated with).
2. I tried to create a branch once a project was on the TWC server and selected the "branch used projects" option when doing so. I expected this to work the same as for Teamwork Server (i.e. create new branches for the project and any project usages, and update the project usages to point to their branch versions). It created the new branches, but didn't link the project usages to their branches. Manually fixing this up can become quite a pain, especially if branching is a common occurence.
3. The project usage "Accessibility" options only allows project usages to be read-only, and there seems to be no way to change this to "read-write". The documentation vaguely indicates this is intentional but I'm not sure? This means there isn't any way to move elements between projects (it appears the function to move elements between projects has been added in 19.0, but will the ability to edit used projects directly from within the project using them ever be provided?).

I have yet to check the merging capabilities in regards to used projects, but based on my experiences above I"m not hopeful this will be a smooth process.

Are any of these issues rectified in TWC 19.0? Are there plans to update the functionality to be more similar to Teamwork Server? I'm just quite surprised that TWC appears to have deviated so greatly in terms of functionality. I was expecting back-end improvements and changes whilst the interface to the user would be a little more consistent with what Teamwork Server provides to minimise the learning curve when switching.

Re: TWC 18.5 Functionality and Teamwork Server Differences

PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 10:12 pm
I attempted to perform a merge with the following configuration:
1. Project B was a standalone project
2. Project A used Project B (i.e. project usage)
3. I created a branch of Project A (called TestBranch), which automatically created a branch of Project B.
4. I fixed up Project A to point to the branched version of Project B.
5. I made a change in Project B - TestBranch - and committed it.
6. I updated Project A to point to the new version of Project B - TestBranch
7. I attempted to merge Project A - TestBranch, back into the Trunk for Project A.

I noted that, unlike Teamwork Server, I didn't get the option to merge used projects. It then tried to update the Trunk of Project A to point to TestBranch for Project B (rather than merging the changes to Project B, creating a new version, and linking Project A to this). When attempting to do this it failed with a number of exceptions (see attached images).