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TeamWork Cloud 19.0 LTR2 Azure Windows Deployement Port Issu

PostPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 8:57 am
I have an Azure VM with a windows 2012 operating system. I installed Cassandra and Cameo TWC 19.0 LTR2 without issue.

The Cassandra service starts without issue, but when I go to start TWC service it fails immediately. See the attache ErrorLogTWC.txt which is a snippet from the server log. The application fails to bind to the port 2552.

I also attached a screen shot of my Azure Networking configuration which shows I have opened Port 2552 to both inbound and outbound traffic. So I am pretty sure Azure config is not the issue.

Could this be an install issue or Cassandra issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.