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Connections between Links and Slots

PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:44 am
CSM 18.5 Sp2

I created a SysML::<<block>>/UML::Class Person, with a single composition relationship of parent[0..2]:Person navigable and child[0..*]:Person navigable. I created 3 instances of Person: Dad, Son, Daughter. How do I show on an Object Diagram 1 link going from Dad to both Son and Daughter? I guess this is almost like N-ary association, but it's not, since this is at this instance level of a binary association, just with multiplicity greater than one.

I would expect it to use the same Notation as N-ary association per UML 2.5 Instance Specification Notation 9.8.4 "An InstanceSpecification whose classifier is an Association represents a link and is shown using the same notation as for an Association, but the solid path or paths connect InstanceSpecifications rather than Classifiers."

Does CSM 18.5 have this feature? I also was not able to create an N-ary association via the Class Diagram - Class Diagram Toolbox - Association dropdown as per:
post6685.html?hilit=ary association#p6685
from 2012 or ... tion+Class

So I assume it's coming back in 19.0?