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Activity Decomposition Relation Map for UPDM Functions

PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2020 12:25 pm
I would like to apply an additional legend to a Pre-Defined Activity Decomposition Relation Map – specifically, on the pre-defined map I would like to color the text of a function differently based on the value of the property “activityPerformedBy” (or similarly, the inverse to the "is Capable of Performing" relationship. i.e. If a "User" performs function "X" and a "System" performs function "Y", I would like function "X" to be red text and function "Y" to be blue text displayed on the relation map.

I am running into two issues.
1. My “Elements by Condition” Property Test for element Type “Function” does not return either the “performedByResource” or even just the “Owner” relationship
2. I am unable to apply an additional legend to the pre-defined Activity Decomposition Relation Map
a. I tried re-creating this diagram using a generic relation map, but the property “behaviorOfCallBehaviorOfActivity” is not a selectable relationship criteria in the generic relation map.

Does anyone have experience with this?