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When I switch from UAF to UPDM 2.0, error occurs

PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2022 5:16 pm

I am using 2021 Cameo sysml, I switched the model under help>> Manage Plugins>> UPDM/UAF

I had UPDM at first switched it to UAF, and when I tried to go back to UPDM 2.0. It keeps showing error and puts me on Read only.

How do I fixed it? it says "An error No stereotype named 'UAF::DesiredEffect' was found in UPDM profile occured creating :Binary script "com.nomagic.updm.expressions.RespectAggregationRel..." ( I can't delete the relations because I am in read only)

I tried few things

1. Restarting
2. clearing the environment configuration files
3. going back to old version of the model

Please Help