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error message on opening Excel Setup

PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:20 am
I'm unable to access Excel Setup. I go into the containment tree, I right-click on an instance, and click on ParaMagic -> Excel -> Setup. I'm then presented with the error message:

"Found multiple (or no) root instances in this package. Invoke Excel setup by right clicking on an instance."

I'm afraid I do not understand this error. How could I solve it? Thanks!

Re: error message on opening Excel Setup

PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:00 am
by saulius_p

It seems you have created instances but not an instance model for parametric execution. We are attaching a test model with a spreadsheet that shows the additional steps below.

1. The instance must be in a package (say P1) which is at the same level as the classifier block (B) of that instance. So both the block and instance package should be in the same package (say P).
2. The user should create a CXS_Heading block in package P. To do this, right click on the block B and select ParaMagic > Utils > Create CXS_Heading.
3. Then create a CXI_Heading block in the instance package P1. To do this, right click on P1 and select ParaMagic > Utils > Create CXI_Heading.
4. Then, right click on the instance or its package (P1) and selects ParaMagic > Excel > Setup, and it should work.

The Excel read/write capability was created for importing/exporting data from instance models meant for parametric execution. Hence, these extra steps. In future versions of ParaMagic, users will not be required to do these extra steps and Excel setup will work directly for instances whether or not they are ready for parametrics execution.