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Selectively import Requirements

PostPosted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 3:14 pm
by bobshmit
Are there any tools available to aid in selectively syncing and importing requirements.
Out team has a shared DOORS database, where requirements are written by others in various stages of completion.
We wish to
  • have a way to distinguish between requirements that are not ready for implementation in MagicDraw OR not import the requirements until they are ready
  • as well as maintain the previous values of a requirement when modified until the changes have been finalised.

We have tried syncing by view and setting up the view to only show finalised requirements (using an attribute), but we can't get this to import links or hierarchy.
Are there any tools available to assist
Some ideas are scripts to selectively sync requirement using attributes to determine whether to sysc, OSLC queries to filter out elements we don't want to sync, customizations available to the sync dialog so that it can display information that would help the person importing.