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DOORS Location Change

PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 2:09 pm
I have a situation where the location of several requirements documents and their links have moved within a DOORS database. I have been working with exporting the schema map to change the location of the requirements within the sourceType field in the XML field which is output, however when this is imported it does not overwrite anything. Synchronization does not result in changing the location where DataHub is looking to pull from DOORS. Right-clicking the new location in DataHub Explorer and using Synchronize or Update or others only gives the message
"No DHLink exist in the selected element(s) or their hierarchy."
Is there a way to force DataHub to look somewhere different for sync other than the source which originally created the MD object? I can see in the DH Links that there is an attribute called 'Parent Path' which does not allow modification. Is there a way to get to this attribute somehow?

Thank you!