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CSV Import SQL scheme as «Persistent Table» and «Column»

PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2023 5:32 am
We need to import from a CSV file a SQL scheme as
- Table shall map to Class «Persistent Table»
- SQL Columns shall map to Property «Column» with 'Propery.Type' set to SQL ANSI type

CSV record example: "MYTAB"; "COL1"; "char"; "Just an example"

CSV Import pass 1:
- Import each TAB_NAME record as new Class of stereotype «Persistent Table»: ok, works fine

CSV Import pass 2: import each column as Property of stereotype «Column»
- Owner is TAB_NAME: Ok
- Name is COL-TYPE: Ok, imported as property's name
- Documentation of column is COL_COMMENT: Ok, imported as property's documentation
- SQL Type of Column shall be COL_TYPE: ERROR

No matter what we provide in the CSV column COL_TYPE, we get import errors for each record in the CSV file:
e.g. "Could not find element char in com.nomagic.uml2.ext.magicdraw.classes.mdkernel.impl.PackageImpl@e25070db."

For example for SQL type CHAR
- CHAR --> error
- char (what is element of the necessary type enumeration "ANSI SQL Type Library" of MagicDraw) --> error
- String (what is an UML native type) --> Error "Feature type cannot find element String for mapping"

What can we do? Is it possible to provide an "inner mapping" form the string "char" to "SQL ANSI Type char" ?