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Modeling language engineering

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 1:18 am
by Yves

I'm exploring whether MagicDraw/Cameo can be used to create new modeling language (i.e. DSL) based on UML "full" extension (i.e. using metaclasses specialization rather than the UML profile mechanism).

Assume I create a new (meta)class "A" as a subclass of the UML::Class metaclass. I would like to add a p to A (i.e. A::p ) that would be a redefinition of one of the UML::Class properties, let's say: UML::BehavioredClassifier::classifierBehavior.

I succeeded in modeling the generalization relationship between the new class "A" and the UML::Class metaclass but I didn't find how to specify the redefinition for its "p" property since it looks like it is impossible to get the UML metaclasses properties listed in the dialog provided for selecting redefined properties. Is there any way to do that, please?