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Type selector improvements.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2001 6:32 pm
by Nicolas F Rouquette
Suppose we have

class 'bar' has an inner class 'foo'
class 'baz' has an inner class 'foo'

When I specify the type of, say, a function parameter, I can start


and MD will likely find 'foo' and highlight the possible completion.

In this case, there's a bit of an ambiguity:
- is it 'foo' as the inner class of 'bar'
- or 'foo' as the inner class of 'baz' ?

We need a language-neutral way of specifying one vs. the other.

The drop-down list of all types known in the model helps as long as the
list of types
in the model is fairly small. When it gets large, it becomes very
cumbersome to use it.

What I'd suggest is a way of specifying a C++-like syntax or Java-like
syntax for specifying:

bar::foo (C++-like syntax) or (Java-like syntax)

So that when we start typing:


the possible completions are:

".foo" (java-like syntax)
"::foo" (C++-like syntax).

Whatever you do, please, please remember that one of MD's greatest
strengths is precisely that it has the best language-neutral modeling
support. So, it is legal, to give names to classes like:


whereas in other tools, that would be flat-out rejected.

-- Nicolas.

Re: Type selector improvements.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2001 2:31 am
by Nerijus Jankevicius
Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your remarks.
In autocompletion list you see not classifiers or some types, but simple
names, so you choose only name.
If there are several classes (or packages) with same name, you must choose
from list exact type (try to draw new class foo and choose name "foo" from
list, after that you will see list with classes ).
We will try to improve this functionality with parameters. Now tool choose
the first type with same name automatically.
You can avoid this by typing function parameter with full path (bar::foo).
This is UML syntax, not related with C++.
Use Ctrl+Backspace for invoking autocompletion list when type full path.

If you still have suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us.

Nerijus Jankevicius
Senior Programmer
No Magic
e-mail: nerijus
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