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MD 6.0 Open API

PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2003 5:54 am
by Dominik Froehlich

I am currently developing an integration of our compiler tool chain into MD
6.0 using the Open API. Unfortunally the API does not yet reflect the
modelling capabilities of MD, which hinders the entire integration of

Here my regarding questions:

- Is Open API support of the model elements StateMachine/ActivityGraph
planned ?

- When will MD support the modelling of UML Methods (i.e. the
implementations of Operations) and the various kinds of UML Expressions ?
Methods and Expressions are already available in the Open API, but not in
the modeller.

- Will future versions of the Open API provide capabilities to access MD
functionality beyond model access ? For instance, triggering project
load/save would be quite useful to allow for seamless tool integration.

Best regards

Dominik Froehlich

Dominik Froehlich

HS Mittweida
Lab. Embedded Control
Goethestrasse 25a

09648 Mittweida


Re: MD 6.0 Open API

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2003 7:58 am
by Andrius Strazdauskas

actually the future of the Open API depends on our users.
We will make decision according to the popularity of current Open API.

We have several request now.

Could you tell us what kind of project are you creating and what role does
MagicDraw play.

Best regards,
Andrius Strazdauskas
Product Research and Development Manager
No Magic Lithuanian Development Center
P.O. box 2166, LT-3000, Kaunas
Phone: +370-37-225328, Fax +370-37-320670
E-mail: andriuss