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Using blocks in proxy ports

PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:15 am
by JuS

I'm trying to build a System, where two blocks are connected via proxy ports. However, the flow property type in the interface block should be defined in an other block.
In my example I have a block called "water", which has two values (temperatur and flow rate). In this case both values are "real" to make the example file easier. "Water" should be the type of my flow property "waterflow" in the interfaceBlock "waterConnection". However, simulating this model does not transfer the values inside "water" from one block to the next. To be precise: setting "startWater" value in block "A" does not result in a "endWater" value in block "B"
Seeing I thought it would be possible to do so.

The attached models and pictures are based on the thread and used the attached example provided by the customer support.

The minimum "(not) working" example is

The original part still works, however the added part does not.

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