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Importing test plans and results

PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:56 pm

I'm trying to build a model to support system testing using Cameo Systems Modeler, but I'm not sure how to approach this or if CSM is the appropriate tool to use. I want to do the following:
1. Import requirements and test cases and then show requirements verification.
2. Update and generate test reports
3. Import test results

I want to have a single source of truth so that someone can navigate the model, see the requirements traceability, test procedures, and previous test results.

For context, the systems being tested are already designed and physically built, but we have issues keeping track of test results, updating test procedures, and potentially finding gaps in the requirements. I don't think I need to model the structural configuration or the behavior of the system, but that may happen later depending on if the scope of the model expands. I don't need to run any simulations either.

I know that I can import requirements and test cases and show traceability between the two in a matrix. Test reports can be generated using report wizard and a VTL script. I'd like to know how to store test results in the model or if it's feasible or if there's a better tool/plugin that will allow me to have a single source of truth.